Posted by Eva on September 16 2006 10:09:23

(The Pro or Con for Cataclysm bit has been moved, with others of it's kind, into the General Chat discussion forum.)

On the eve of a Cataclysm...

Eva, Sinnjin, Taliman, and Shantieshe have spent many hours in the last weeks taking screenshots all over Azeroth. Not a country, mountain, stream, or village was overlooked. I'd hoped to have some samples of those photos on this site before the Cataclysm hit - just to show anyone looking the amazing places one could get to without a flying mount to make it easy; all one had to do was take the time and be willing to poke where one shouldn't poke. :D

I find myself a little sad that such adventures will no longer be possible- with flying mounts everywhere, everywhere is easy. I am only glad I wasted so much time in Azeroth doing nothing but poking around. That time created a storehouse of memories that will be treasured.

That "real life" world made it's demands and I haven't gotten all the photos ready and online. Take a wee look at the ones below... the rest will be online soon. (After my worgen gets a few levels.) :D

And now, I'm must rest well; I've a worgen awaiting me on the morrow. :D

Let the Cataclysm begin!